Though it seems like a fairly great reorganization

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The rewards will be given to a staff however, the individual player can select his very own rewards. The player can spend their points on RuneScape gold different God items. For murdering a person it depends upon his/her battle level (for example killing a level 75 will give you 750 points and killing a level 138 will give 1380 points). After having the Manuscripts in their possession a team can wish to remain in the arena and fight more people for extra points. However, the more straightforward thing to do will be head to the Watchtower.

This isn't sufficient to hold a significant chat. I'm currently a General in the Clan Chat I join and I always hear the leader say he can not make any new friends because of all the rated members he's. Why not have separate lists to add your ranked members to your chat and still have plenty of friends? You would not even need 200 slots; 100 would work perfectly, saving server space. Same goes for the Ignore list. The chat owner could then see that has been kicking rather and that hasn't. The chat proprietor could remove the kick and, thus, un-suspending the user in question. Maybe a user could have inadvertently kicked-out an innocent player.

Private Moderation Logs: There might be a separate button onto a user's interface whenever they have the capability to kick if empowered by the Clan Chat Owner. This could give the consumer the Logs of that they kicked, what time, what reason. They could un-block or merely keep track of consumers kicked.

Right-click-chat-kick: Sometimes, users have something pre-typed and then combine a conversation, press enter then leave straight away, too fast to detach out of the clan list. But should you right-click on the chat box message, you would have the choice to block for 1-hour. Conclusion: The clan chat system is sufficient but with these updates and others' ideas too, the clan chat platform could be far more sophisticated.

Though it seems like a fairly g reat reorganization, I'm somewhat confused as to how the kick log will work. You state that both the personal and owner moderation logs would demonstrate the reason behind the kick, but just how would the log understand what reason to place? The only way I notice that this could be achieved would be if the rated member who did the kicking filled the log out manually, so the reason could be falsified. Nonetheless, it could be useful in cases where the discussion owner and ranked member's opinion of a crime differed, presuming they were both honest.

I know you confusions. Let's call the kicker"The General" and also the man who has kicked"Unranked". When The OSRS buy gold General kicks out unranked, he will be required to put in a motive after unranked was pumped when the Clan Chat Owner empowers it.