If you don't know how to weave auto attacks

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Although there are certain aspects that aion classic kinah I'm not getting, overall I recommend the game to anyone searching for an immersive gaming experience. Additionally, the character development is very diverse, too.

You can put crit strike manastones, but you should try to reach at least 440 crit strikes that fully buff ( scrolls and an crit strike mantra are likely to come later). Since the damage is 1:1 (+1 atk equals +1 skill damage) this can make you feel more powerful and less like you are being dragged through the content.

Although you're not able to deal with a lot of PvE-related damage, your advantage is that you are completely invincible. You're never down and are able make good use of your mantras and mana pots. This will make leveling more straightforward in general.

Be aware of what the players are performing on the LFG. If you don't know what something is, ask the leader. Sometimes it's an exp grind group!

A note on the topic of the day - Take advantage of grinding in groups, it makes your life easier as you not possessing the best gear does not matter all that much. The effort is great !

Grinding spots (asmo) until 30 lvl., that will give you an idea of exp grinds

It is also possible to make crafts whenever you're bored or just for fun. I'd write my work orders and then to do something else for a while and return to the project to begin again. I have gained several levels by crafting. It was a great way to fill in the XP gaps.

If you don't know how to weave auto attacks, it will increase the dps of your character. This basically means cancelling your auto attack animation with the ability. Watch for the auto attack to take place and then cancel it using skills. It is possible to do this in such a manner that you won't notice the animation of auto attack however the damage will still be there. You can even accomplish it with chain skills, so basically perform it during every time you chant on your.

Crit manastones could be a great method to go. It's difficult to obtain the kinah for the time being however, you can begin to install them in your most efficient gear you'll keep for a while. Crit is a chanter's top DPS attribute, and buy aion classic kinah eu when you have Crit, you are able to create knockdowns for the targets. Continue to work at it until you have reached the 440 level.