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It has come to my attention that RS gold nearly 4/7 players possess skillcapes nowadays. I've decided to get one myself, crafting. I have discovered something else, also. Everytime I see someone using a skillcapes its generally one of the following: Attack, Power, Hitpoints, Fletching, Cooking, Quest, Woodcutting, Firemaking

Um... why?? Well in most cases combat abilities are often to 99 for much better precision, lasting longer in battle, hitting better, ect. So heres my judgment: Just how are firemaking, woodcutting, fletching, cooking and strength skills ?! Waaay to many individuals have those skillcapes to become fair. Rarity chart is as following (1-10 on rarity [1 is most rare, 10 is ])

Okay, so I have a few questions: 1. I use the procedure of longrange right now, because of my reduced defense lvl. Is this a good method? Or if I train the two seperately. 2. I am attempting to earn range my principal combat ability (getting battle levels from range levels) and at the moment I have 4 array levels until I catch up a battle level from it, but I was Buy rs3 gold planning to try Dragon Slayer, which when completed would induce me to become a warrior again. Nevertheless, the most important problem is due to hitpoints going up, causing my range to not get up battle levels, I'm falling way behind in my clan in the instance of battle levels. Solution there? 3. At what time can it be right to give up the iron arrows? I've 44 range and use a yew short, with iron arrows, and my"buddies" are telling me I should use steel-addy arrows, even though I have a lot of iron arrows, and steel, mith and addy arrows are majorly expensive (well, I guess not steel as much x.o), also I just have the capability to fletch iron arrows right now.