The New Shooting Mechanic Has Become The Talk

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Hello, I cant determine should I purchase the approaching NBA 2K Coins to PC or PS4. Can you guys anticipate the NBA2k21 pc version to be same as the 2k20 version? With this I mean that the neighborhood on computer died in 2 months following the release and the online feels like you're playing with wooden block. I attempted the 2k20 online on computer and ps4 and there's a huge difference how much better the 2k20 online were on the ps4.

YO! Whatever you do... DO NOT GET IT ON PC!! I wound up purchasing 2k20 two times, bc I got it on computer first and the experience just is not there!!! Firstly. . There is no one also play ! Barely nobody in park and it takes about 15 minutes for a rec game to load up.

Secondly. . The people who do play PC... Are hackers. . Or directly garbage!! Junk too the point at which it is no fun. . And hackers to the point where it is not fair. Just an odd experience, all in all.3rd.. That the 3k community is primarily on games console. I know a lot of people say how poisonous we are and all that but still. . I strongly believe Buy MT 2K21 was designed for consoles first. . And the computer version is no more than a decent port. I highly. . And strongly advice youpersonally, to not get the pc version. . If you don't want to hack the park or just into playing with park and just playing solo by yourself in mycareer or my team or my league.In past games, you can hold the Guru Stick in any way to take a jump shot. So this season, we're creating a fairly significant change to how the Guru Stick works.