The drawbacks of MTU have caused loyal player group to drain

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2K players have been suffering from a serious problem in February. We all know that MyTeam is almost the player’s favorite game mode. Many players are playing games or completing challenges to get the happiness that basketball brings to them. However, in February, many players did not match the number of awards they received after completing the MTU challenge. The goal of MTU is to require players to fight against online players for twelve consecutive games and win. After completion, players can get an exclusive pink diamond player card and 8000 NBA 2K20 MT and 20 tokens.

Players can get a Galaxy Opal player card by accumulating a certain amount of pink diamond cards that they have achieved once every month to achieve the MTU goal. The number of rewards is proportional to the number of winning games. In the twelve games, as long as one player loses, it will reduce the rewards. After three failed games, the players have received a paltry amount of rewards but have to restart twelve consecutive online games.

Probably powerful 2K players will think it is an effortless task. But in fact, only players who have experienced twelve games know that it is difficult. Players need to spend half an hour to complete a game. It means that they have to spend six hours to complete 12 consecutive games. And the number of failures cannot exceed three, or else everything has to start again. The more games players win, the more rewards they get.

The difficulty of completing the MTU challenge deterred many players. They will definitely go back to completing the MTU challenge if the reward becomes more. Players hope they can receive some 2K20 MT or card packages after winning each game. Players can only receive one player card no matter they reach the MTU without challenge or failure. Therefore, it has reduced the enthusiasm of the players and the number of players playing MTU challenges is also constantly being lost. They would rather Buy 2K20 MT to play other modes than MTU. 2K team needs to make wonderful improvements as early as possible based on the player’s feedback.