2K players can choose these two cheaper cards to reinforce the self-built lineup

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Many people who started behind most 2K players neither want to spend a lot of NBA 2K20 MT to buy player cards nor spend a lot of time to take part in the game to get 2K20 MT. In fact, there are many highly cost-effective players in the game for players to choose from, but players have not discovered it. For players of different economic levels, the word cheap also means fresh things to them. Most players can accept player cards priced below 10,000 2K20 MT. They can go to the market and view the list of players in the list by filtering conditions.

Players only need to spend 5000 2K20 MT to get the amethyst card Isaac Banga with point guards and small forwards. Without the Amethyst Isaac Bonga card in the fan favorites series, you cannot start one of the lists. Banga has an excellent height advantage and a powerful dunk ability of up to 85 points. On the defensive end, his height and speed can also limit the opponent's score. The bad thing is that his shooting action may not be very popular among players. Players who can skillfully use him can play him the same role as the pink diamond card.

The most cost-effective Diamond Marcus Smart Moments card only needs to spend 7500 MT for players to help players establish an outside defense. The unpleasant news is that his height may be insufficient. But with the help of badges and strength, he can make up for the shortcomings of his height. With a 90-point speed, a 93-point three-point ability, and a Hall of Fame-level catching ability, he can help the team at both ends of the offense and defense.

Once these two cheap and efficient player cards added to the players’ self-built lineup, they will definitely help players to improve their strength. Players only need to Buy 2K20 MT a few to achieve the goal of increasing the overall strength of the team. Why not? There are more cost-effective stars waiting for smart players to discover.