The possibilities truly are endless

The possibilities truly are endless Rocket League Credits


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Tekken 7 will let you get your fighters looking exactly to your liking within the game. You can customize their hair, clothes, and even equip them with items or weapons. The combinations are truly endless, and here’s how you can get some items and weapons on your characters.From the main menu of the game, head over to Customization and select Character Customization. Once here, you need to select a fighter that you wish to customize and then proceed to select a slot where this outfit you make will go. This is the customization screen and where you can change anything about the fighter from their hair to the amount of tanning they apply. Hit R1 or RB until you tab over to Upper-Accessory and Lower-Accessory sections of this menu. It’s here where you can equip items and weapons to your character. Like, of course, a massive pizza. The possibilities truly are endless!

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