German Steel Garage - Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing Co., Ltd

German Steel Garage - Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing Co., Ltd

PTH has more than 100 RD design and technical engineers from home and abroad, and provides customized design services. Using the relevant information data of the construction project as the basis of the model, the building model is established, and the real information of the building is simulated through digital information simulation. At present, we have completed the research and

development of the Revit family library of various products of the company, laying the foundation for efficient and accurate design, and at the same time can fully show the detailed nodes and three-dimensional effects of our company's products to customers.

Project characteristics: The customer is a German construction buyer who needs to build garages for multiple local communities. After learning about PTH's steel structure products, he believes that PTH's products fully meet their requirements.

A batch of steel structure double-slope bicycle sheds immediately ordered from PTH after coming to the factory for inspection. After production, we carried out sample construction in the factory so that customers can understand how to install.

The design drawings of PTH are designed according to the needs of customers and local building codes. After obtaining the permission of the local government, they can finally continue to deepen the design after passing the review of the local government.

PTH designs reasonable packaging solutions based on product characteristics/customer requirements. Each unit component adopts independent small packaging, which is convenient for transportation and installation. At the same time, it is easy to load and unload, which reduces the labor cost.

PTH will provide complete and detailed installation drawings for the products. Or the product provides installation video to intuitively display the installation steps and installation details of the product.

In addition, EPC services and technical guidance can be provided according to customer needs to ensure the smooth and safe construction of the house.

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