The wall moved a demanding 6 feet above the water surface

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The Kingdom of Mogrin is a submerged place where the Mogre ruler, Gompar, resides in his submerged palace deep underneath the seas between Karamja and Ape Atoll. The Mogres set out to create a city there expecting that no god would see them and take them all over.

The wall moved a demanding 6 feet above the water surface, which makes no sea creature hinder their business, not even whales, as they built the kingdom beside all migration avenues. The wall had a massive door permitting the Mogres to descend further to the Southern Sea. They used underwater vents to smelt the ores found under the oceans, although they did not succeed up to furnaces. Eventually, Mogres had conflict with others manners, so the mogres constructed walls around the surface to seperate the Kingdom to four regions: Lannar, Lu'tog, Narran and Yun'lar.

Inbetween all of the area was the palace where the Mogre ruler lived. The palace was called Tunotath. They removed the original door to enter and depart and gave every region a doorway. To be able to maintain Mogres out of different areas than their own, they were ordered to wear symbols OSRS Gold For Sale of the region.