Go to Captain Murk and you'll set sail

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Go to RS gold Captain Murk and you'll set sail. Once you come to a broken wall that the boat will stop and Captain Murk will let you know to dive there. Go down and you will discover a shipwreck. You will then wake up at a jail in the palace. Speak to one of those guards and inquire why you were put into jail.

Ask him where you can get a symbol and he will tell you the symbol maker is at the 2nd floor of the palace (that is below your flooring.) You will be let out and the Mogre will direct you to the symbol maker, not letting you move. You may talk to the Yarg, the emblem manufacturer and he will ask you what symbol you desire. You will be able to choose between Lannar: The Mogres of Weaponry and the Color Yellow, Lu'tog: The Mogres of Poison, Combat and the Color Red, Narran: The Mogres of Peace, Agility along with the colour Blue and Yun'lar: The Mogres of both Defence along with the Color Green.

He'll then make you a symbol of the region you choose. Wear the symbol and you'll have the ability to pass in your area by the palace. To identify what area you belong to, simply opt for the doorway of their color. If you are not wearing the symbol or you are sporting the emblem but you do not belong to the region, the guards will stop you. You can't un-equip your emblem while in your region. Your symbol will replace whatever is in your necklace slot.

Go back up to the ship and Speak to Captain Murk and congratulations! Quest complete! Rewards: 7,000 magic XP, 12,000 strength and assault XP and access to Mogrin by talking to Captain Murk to sail you there! (If you lose your symbol, speak with a guard outside of Mogrin to receive one or even if you Buy OSRS Accounts lose your orb, talk to Tarren to get it back.)