Guidance for Wedding Party After Lockdown

After covid -19 to organize any event is need lot of precaution and follow the guideline given by govt. and local authority.


After covid -19 to organize any event is need lot of precaution and follow the guideline given by govt. and local authority. Event planning city like Mumbai where Covid-19 cases are everyday increasing is not easy to task to make event happen.

Event like wedding have long guest list to make that type of event happen need cut the guest list as per the govt. guideline and make sure nobody should be invited from long  distance mean have to travel through air or railway because its increase the risk of infection.

When we got permission from local authority with number of guest list can attend the wedding event. After that start making guest list those are necessary to attend the wedding. Today everyone aware about the situation as well no need to worry to relative what they will said if not invited on wedding.

When you hire the event planner in Mumbai should ask him do follow the event managing work with less worker so you can invite more guest. Ask the event planner have only necessary worker with follow are the guideline off event. Event planner should check all the measurement to avoid the covid infection like hand hygiene and social distancing norms should follow by all the staff of event.

When event planer decided the event venue you need to see venue should be ventilated and have to sanitize before the event will happen. Ask the venue owner hire sanitize expert service provider to sanitize the venue in Mumbai place before the event going to happen.

If possible choose the venue in open area so it’s easy and well ventilated place. If you are arraigning the event inside make sure it should be well ventilated and have enough space to make social distancing by guest.

Next things make sure on venue is hand hygiene easy to available for the guest so they can easily follow the hand hygiene norms without any difficulty which more important because have to touch lot of things during the wedding function should take care of hand hygiene thing avail easy by guest .

When we invite the guest should tell the event attending norms as well mean ask the guest follow all the guideline of event provided by event organizer. Below have some list things should follow to attend the party.

  • Not feel well please don’t attend the wedding event its safe for other as well.
  • Follow hand hygiene rules to attend the party.
  • Wear mask properly.
  • Follow social distancing norms during the event.

When we are arraigning the wedding event photography is also a part of the event to make event memorable. When we are clicking photo some time its skip in mind to make social distancing. To make photographer task easy should do photo clicking only with your group person that will help to make touching with other and have safety measurement as well.

When you hire wedding photographer for the event in Mumbai make sure he have to follow all the covid-19 guideline and make sure have all tool that will help to get clicking of photo some distance as well.

Here when we are planning to wedding event all precaution of safety should be taken because one wrong thing can spread covid-19 infection multiple people and it will be outburst. 

To make your event happiest and joy full should follow all safety measurement and guideline of local authority.